Splash Mountain – Episode 181

It’s time to get back to the basic here on Travel with Ricka dn do some good old fashioned ride videos. And what better way to get back into the swing of things then with Splash Mountain.

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Rick Howard

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20 comments on “Splash Mountain – Episode 181”

  1. Karen says:

    LOVE this ride and now that my daughter has been tall enough to ride it the last 2 trips its the first and last one she wants to ride every MK day.

    We’ll be back in December and we are all looking forward to our first ride


  2. John Bullard says:

    Hey Rick,
    Thanks for all the Food and Wine episodes, as you said, I need to call Kingdom Magic now to plan for 2013.

    I do enjoy water rides, and don’t mind being splashed (just not soaked- I can tolerate being soaked, but prefer only a splash). My 9y/o too, she usually rides with me, and my wife who does not like getting wet, stays with our 2y/o on that little playground next to Splash Mountain.

    No ponchos for us unless it is raining. We have a huge collection of WDW ponchos now, cause we can never seem to remember to bring them. The few times we do remember, it never rains that day.


  3. Katherine Poche says:

    Half the fun of going on a water ride is getting wet! That being said there are instances where I wish I would have worn a poncho on the ride. Though there is nothing like getting off of splash mountain and walking around with a wet backside for a few minutes till you dry off.


  4. Jacob Buxton says:

    Hey Rick and Andrew,thanks for another great episode.I do not mind getting wet on water rides,but I don’t get too upset if I don’t either.I don’t wear ponchos on rides.
    I can’t wait for the next episode because I am foodie,so whenever you do episodes about food my interest skyrockets,lol.But anything about Disney is more than alright with me.
    Take care,hope to see you soon.


  5. Linda Miller says:

    Hi, Rick! Thanks for the great food and wine videos and the new Splash Mountain video. I love Splash Mountain!! I have never worn a poncho on the ride. A little water never hurt anyone!!

    Thanks again for the videos! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for next week.


  6. Penny Serrato says:

    Looks like a really good camera. Hope it stood up to the water. Dude you have to get wet on this ride. Wearing a poncho would be like having the Empanada without the chimichurri sauce, you’d be missing something really great 😉
    Penny Serrato


  7. Vanessa P says:

    Great Splash Mountain video. Rode Splash Mountain at Disneyland back in September – hoping for more of a “splash”.


  8. Scott says:

    Great video Rick! My wife and I used to Love riding on Splash Mountain until the last time when we got soaked. Havn’t done it since but we’ve heard that the water jets have been toned down a bit. We were going to try it again in October when we were there but it was shut down for some reason. Sorry we missed you. We were at EPCOT 4 times during the 3rd week of October and looked for you but never found you. Maybe next year.


  9. Thelma Huss says:

    No poncho – getting wet part of the fun
    Like the head cam.. gives a good view.


  10. Brother Joseph Rock says:

    The ride from California is a bit different but the songs are still the same. There are some parts of the ride that look the same but overall, it is different. Getting wet is the best part of a ride or show that has water. If you wear a poncho or hold something in front of your face or whatever, make sure you do not ride it or watch it with me the next time or I will make sure you get wet. LOL. Just kidding. Great vid, but I still say that Splash Mountain in California is better.


  11. John Broadwater says:

    Great show as far as getting wet it’s apart of the ride and the fun. Because you know as well as I do sometimes you get wet and sometimes you don’t.It’s all in where your seat is. but rain gear takes all the fun out of the ride. thanks for a great show see you next week. thanks


  12. Nick Yeager says:

    Hey Rick.
    This is my 2nd favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom next to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I go on this every time we go to Disney. Never wore a poncho and never will, I don’t mind getting wet, you don’t get really wet on this ride anyway. Overall I hate getting wet in my clothing. If I know that I am not going to get that wet, I will go on that attraction.


  13. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick,

    I love Splash Mountain! This ride inspired me to buy a book and read the stories about “Brer Rabbit”.

    I have only been to WDW when the climate has been pleasantly warm or hot. So, I love getting wet on the rides.

    See you next week.



  14. Sue Meredith says:

    Love Splash in August trips, lol. It’s hot enough so no poncho required, and it’s nice in the August heat. Don’t do any water rides in January trips, and Splash is usually closed anyway. We did do Kali last January, daughter really wanted to, and it was fairly warm but wore poncho 🙂


  15. Dee Yeager says:

    Absolutely love this ride..can’t wait for my next visit. No poncho for me part of the fun is getting wet !!


  16. Scott says:

    You know Disney has done an excellent job of story telling on a ride when it is enjoyed by so many who have never read the book or seen the movie. Don’t use ponchos, but then again I have only been to WDW during the months of June or July. The water is a welcome treat when the parks are 90 degrees plus. Great video gentlemen and look forward to many more!


  17. Elaine says:

    The fun is getting wet, if you get wet just a little it’s not fun. Go on get real wet, then run over to Thunder Mountain for the wildest ride in the Wilderness to dry off.

    We go every year, and it’s my favorite ride!!!


  18. Tammy R says:

    We never wear ponchos on Splash Mountain, but Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom we ALWAYS wear a poncho because you get drenched ! Thanks for the great videos !


  19. Clyde Stegall says:


    Love your videos, they are our escape when we can’t actually be at Disney. Ok, Splash Mountain, my wife & 15 year old daughter are poncho wearers & duckers. They duck & hope the people behind them get wet( me & my oldest daughter) none poncho wearer’s. So no I don’t mind getting wet, that’ the whole point of riding ,FUN.
    We will keep watching, just keep the video’s coming.
    By the way, we go to WDW at least 2 times a year. We live in Mississippi.


    Clyde Stegall


  20. Love the video, splash mountain is definitely one of my favourite rides in MK xx


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