Storybook Canal Boats Disneyland – Episode 75

Take a ride on Disneyland’s Storybook Canal Boats on this week’s Travel with Rick with host Rick Howard

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Rick Howard

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17 comments on “Storybook Canal Boats Disneyland – Episode 75”

  1. Debbie Bolen says:

    Storybook Canal Boats looked like a cute show…….probably wouldn’t be on my must do’s, but rather a take-a-break ride.

    The one thing I haven’t done yet @ WDW, but keep saying I’m not sure is Wings of Wonder in Animal Kingdom…..maybe next trip.
    I took hubby over to Tom Sawyer Island last time, which he never had a desire to do and he loved it! Goes to show, you never know until you try it.

    Can’t wait to see World of Color in the coming weeks!


  2. Penny Serrato says:

    This is a must do for any little girl who, like my daughter, pretended to be all the Princess’s from all the stories. She would have loved this ride when she was little. At WDW the only ride I tend to pass by is the Tea Cups only because I can’t handle the spinning anymore, other than that I will try everything at least once, you never know what you might be missing.



  3. Gracie N says:

    This is the attraction I have passed by, but now that I have seen it, I am going to have to give it a try. It looks really relaxing and cute. Next trip, I am going to experience this attraction. Thanks, Rick for another great video.


  4. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    This was one attraction on my list but there just wasn’t enough time so I was so happy to see the video. It sure looks cute. Maybe I’ll get back out to DL someday.

    The attraction I almost missed was the Muppets. I thought it would be too “babyish” but I ran into a former kindergarten student who was now grown up and was on his honeymoon. He told I had to see it and I’m so glad I did listen because now when I visit it’s a “must see” every trip!

    Thanks again for the video and I appreciate the time you put into this site each week.

    Have a magical day!


  5. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    I loved the Little Mermaid Village!! What a cute ride. I think we pass by Winnie the Pooh and I feel kinda bad about it now. We love Pooh Bear!
    Thanks for another great video and we are starting to plan/save for a 2012 trip!
    Jeanne Cundiff


  6. Frank says:

    Rick, You have to go back and ride that at night! All the building are lit from within etc. The same is true for the Casey Jr. train.


  7. pati m says:

    The attraction we used to pass by was the Birds Take Flight (I think that’s the correct name) Show in Animal Kingdom. And one day we decided to take it in as we had some extra time. Wow…so glad we did…it is such a cute show.. it’s amazing what they can do with some of these animals…respectfully. Thanks, Rick..


  8. Scott says:

    Thnaks Rick. Great video. Not sure if I would take the time to ride this on my own, and now that you video taped it I’m glad I don’t have to.
    I’ve never ridden the Asto-Orbiter ride at Magic Kingdom. The lines are always too long and it just looks like another spoke and wheel ride only higher in the air.


  9. Jeff Barkee says:

    Thanks Rick!!

    Great stuff. It’s a really relaxing, cute ride, but one I refused to go on for a long time as a kid because I didn’t want to be swallowed by Monstro. Glad I finally found some bravery.

    The attraction I passed on forever until finally giving it a chance is One Man’s Dream at Hollywood studios. How foolish I felt when I finally went in and discovered that treasure chest.


  10. Nicklas Yeager says:

    I really liked the Canal Boats. I am big on models. A big must do went ever I decide to go to Disneyland. An attraction that I keep overlooking is Tom Sawyer Island. I deffinitely am going to check it out in 2011.


  11. Peggy Hickey says:

    Thanks for the ride. I’ve never been to DisneyLand and have wondered what this ride was like. I love miniatures so I would want to ride this one.
    I have passed up Astro Orbiter mostly because no one else in my party wanted to do it. I like to try everything at least once, but I will not ride the centrifuge side of Mission: Space. I can’t take the G force.


  12. Robert Nordmark says:

    Another great video Rick. Story book canal boats looks like a relaxing ride. I will definitely have to ride it. As for rides that I have overlooked–at Epcot–Honey I Shrunk The Audience. Also Test Track. Actually, the first time I went to WDW I was in line to ride Test Track. I was just a few minutes away from going on the ride when they shut the whole thing down. I have never made it back to that attraction.

    See you next week.



  13. Chris Ryone says:

    Great show, Rick. I always love to see the rides I have never seen because I haven’t been out to California. The ride/Attraction I over look most is probably Tom Sawyer Island. I don’t think I have been out there since I was a small child. I also frequently overlook Peter Pan due to the wait times. It is one of my favorites though


  14. john broadwater says:

    the ones I have over looked are Swiss Family Treehouse and tom sawyer island. thank you for another great show.


  15. Kevin Nelson says:

    Thanks Rick, love the models, and the detail of the Storybook Canal Boats! My family and I always passed by Walt Disney’s One Man’s Dream, we finally visited the attraction in May and I loved it, I just love history! Keep up the great work, can’t wait for The World of Color, keep smilin’ till we met again!


  16. Linda Miller says:

    Thanks for sharing the Storybook Canal Boats. It looks really cute! Will have to ride it on my trip to Disneyland next year.

    The thing I overlook at Disney World is Mission: Space. I am so claustrophobic I just don’t think it is for me.

    Thanks again for another great video!!

    Linda Miller


  17. Sally says:

    Thanks for posting this! I live on the East Coast and have not been to DLR in MANY years. If I rode this ride as a child, I do not remember it. I have seen pictures of it and always wondered what was beyond the whale’s mouth. Now I know! Looks like a cute attraction. I’m sure my 5 year old DD would LOVE it!!! Oh, and my overlooked attraction(s) would be Hall of Presidents/Tom Sawyer Island/Swiss Family Tree House.


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