Sushi & More with Amanda Tinney at Disney’s California Grill – Episode 188

This week join Amanda Tinney from and myself at the top of Disney’s Contemporary Resort to enjoy some of the best sushi in the world at the amazing restaurant the California Grill.

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Rick Howard

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12 comments on “Sushi & More with Amanda Tinney at Disney’s California Grill – Episode 188”

  1. Jacob Buxton says:

    Guys I am so jealous right now.All that sushi looked so delicious.I’d give anything to go eat there.I am not even picky about what kind of sushi I eat.I pretty much will eat any sushi.Especially if it is spicy.I live in a one horse town that does not even sell sushi anywhere.You have to drive at least 22 miles to get any sushi at all.I am hoping I get to go to WDW sometime this year and I will make it a priority to stop in at California Grill.Thank you guys for sharing your experience there.I enjoyed every moment of it but I’m sure not as much as you guys did.I love these types of episodes.Please keep them coming.I’ve never been to any restaurants in WDW so I can’t answer this weeks question.Take care guys.


  2. Kathy Poche says:

    Rick, I learn something new about Disney each time I watch one of your videos! I didn’t know there were placed to get sushi at Disney World – will definitely be checking them out in November(hopefully) when we go for Thanksgiving. Every time we do go to WDW we do the dining plan – but mostly stick to the quick service places, so we haven’t gone to any Signature dining place. Yet another thing to try out on the next trip! Cannot wait to see next weeks video. Just talking about a 5k made me exhausted!


  3. Sara says:

    My favorite is hands down FLYING FISH! I always leave it for my last night dinner. California Grill is a second. My next trip to WDW is n Sept. I always get the Deluxe DP so I can eat at the Signature restaurants. I lose weight so I can eat all that great food.
    Next time I’m at California Grill I’m going to go back for Wishes.

    Go back to the Goatee!


  4. Nick says:

    Hey Rick,
    Great video. I didn’t know you could get sushi at Disney World. I never ate at a up scale restaurant so I can’t answer the question. I would love to try their food. My favorite restaurant is the Rainforest Cafe. See you next week.
    P.S. Thanks for the bag. It may come to good use on my trip this year in July. Are you going to be there? See you next week.


  5. Penny Serrato says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE SUSHI. Looked wonderful. I have never eaten in any of the Signature restaurants but I will, it’s on the bucket list and now I have added that Dragon sushi. Love the Sister Hazel T shirt.


  6. Peggy Hickey says:

    I am really a sushi novice, since I have only tasted it once. Those dishes really do look inventive. I’m still a little weirded out by the idea of eating raw fish.
    I like the idea of a cheese dessert. Interesting.
    Since I’m a budget traveler, I don’t have a favorite signature restaurant.
    I’m looking forward to more walk-throughs of the new Fantasyland. It looks beautiful from what I have seen.
    See ya next week.


  7. Brother joseph Rock says:

    I have not been to WDW before, but I love the The Plaza Inn restaurant at the Disneyland park in Anaheim. I do not know if that is considered a signature restaurant or not, but the last time I ate there, it was a Breakfast in the Park feature. It was awesome. I would like to ask you to think about that and plan to do that one sometime. People who have not even heard of that one yet would love it.


  8. John Broadwater says:

    my favorite signature restaurant is the Coral Reef. But the California Grill looked interesting. Got to try it next time we are there. Thanks For a great show thank you Amanda,Andrew and Rick see you next week and the beard looks great keep on a growing.


  9. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick and Amanda,

    I think I have only been to one signature restaurant at Disney World. It was at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I think it was called Sanaa. It cost me two dinning credits from the Disney Dinning Plan. I decided to have a seafood dish–scallops. The waiter said it was just a little bit spicy–just enough to make you want to eat more. I usually don’t eat spicy food but I thought I would give it a try. It tasted wonderful. And, yes it did make me want to eat more.

    The next day I woke up with an upset stomach and was sick all day. There was nothing wrong with the food. I just can’t handle spicy food.

    I would love to try more signature restaurants the next time I am at Disney World.

    See you next week.



  10. Steven says:

    favorite signature?—now that’s a tough question. i’ll go with california grill but shula’s is great & definitely cinderella’s table has to be close to the top of the list! haven’t tried all the signature’s but we’re working on it. my family has vacationed at the boardwalk resort many times, (& i hate to admit this) but we have never tried the flying fish! thx to sara’s comment however when we come to disney this march that’s going to change! flying fish is on our list! can’t wait!
    i have a question for you rick—be our guest restaurant is definitely a dining experience we are going to have—is there a specific section in the restaurant where you prefer to sit? thx for all the tips! steven


  11. Scott says:

    Been to the California Grill only once back in ’98. My family could not get over the ‘view’. Had to leave early because my toddler daughter wasn’t feeling well and missed the fireworks. Always felt that was not a complete experience because of missing the fireworks and I want to go back again to do it all. Favorite signatures are probably California Grill and The Brown Derby. Maybe you can do a show from the Brown Derby sometime followed by Fantasmic. Enjoy the videos and look forward to them each week.


  12. Kevin Nelson says:

    Great video Rick and Amanda! I took my bride to the California Grill on our 10th anniversary and had an awesome meal, the sushi was fantastic as well as the beef tenderloin! We were also there for Wishes, it was off the hook! I have loved all the signature restaurants I’ve been to at WDW, but Jiko, California Grill, Flying Fish and Citrico’s really stand out to me! I’m just back from the marathon weekend running the marathon, but you’ve got me interested in the Castaway Cay 5K, I missed it in 2010 but I’ll will absolutely do run it on my April Eastern on the Fantasy, I had forgotten about that! Thanks again friends, keep those smiles on!


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