Take an Exciting Ride on Test Track – Episode 207

This week we take an exciting ride on Epcot’s newly reimagined Test Track!  We get to custom design our own virtual “SIM Car” and put our design to the test in one of the fastest, and most exciting, rides at Walt Disney World.  Buckle up!

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22 comments on “Take an Exciting Ride on Test Track – Episode 207”

  1. Kate Jackson says:

    My favorite road trip was about 2 years ago when my mom and I drove all the way from New York down to Disney World. We only committed to do this once cause it was a long drive for us, but it was so much fun seeing the other states along the way. P.S. I love the portofino bay hotel. Haven’t been there since I was 6 years old. Need to go back and check it out again.


  2. Lizzie says:

    My favorite road trip would have to be the longest one I’ve done last April for our 2nd wedding anniversary. We drove to Ocean City, Maryland from Massachusetts. We drove so we could save money, and it was nice stopping in NY for gas, and Delaware for ribs. Ocean City was also awesome. When we got there we couldn’t check in yet, but the weather was beautiful and the beach was within walking distance so we switched to flip flops and headed over to dip our feet in and walk the beach. It was fun having blue crabs there too and walking the boardwalk. 🙂


  3. Kathy Poche says:

    Favorite road trip that I would love to take is old Route 66 from one end to the other. Though, I do remember fondly my road trip as a kid (almost every summer until we moved down to FL) from Elmhurst Pennsylvania to WDW – talk about a long car ride for a kid!!! I think I may have worn out the “Are we there yet?” question on one of those trips!


  4. David Thacker says:

    When I was 7 years old my family roadtrip was to California and Disneyland. We drove I-10 and back on Route 66. It was a two week trip that I will never forget. I hope one day I can do that same trip with my kids, but it seems like time is running out quickly.


  5. Penny Serrato says:

    Love Test Track Old and New. Let’s see we used to do all of our traveling by motorcycle, both my husband and I rode our own (you can pack so much more on 2 bikes) I always loved traveling by the back roads through all the little towns. My favorite trip was taking a 2 week back road trip from Fort Worth to the coast in Corpus Christi, stopping at every historical marker that we came across and any place else that looked interesting. Best trip ever. Now I want to do the same thing from here in Texas to Denver Colorado. I think it would be an awesome learning trip.


  6. Penny Serrato says:

    Oh yea nice ad work John 😉


  7. John Broadwater says:

    Thanks for a great show. My most favorite road trip is leaving New Jersey and headed south to Disney World. Drive all night an be in Jacksonville by 3pm the first day. then Dayton for a few hours then Disney World for 7 days.My other road trip is to head west with no place to be. thanks an have a great week.


  8. Mary Callahan says:

    My favorite road trip: Camping trip up in New Hampshire with the whole family way back in the 1970’s in our old station wagon!!!! Can’t wait to see the new Test Track in 14 days!! But who’s counting??? I love my Disney Getaway each week and I love John and his new additions to “Travel With Rick.” I’d love to see John more on camera with you too. He’s got a lot of Disney Personality and I super love his website!!
    Mary Callahan!!!!!


  9. Brother Joseph Rock says:

    My favorite road trip was always driving into the Disneyland area because I love the site of palm trees (too many around). I love Anaheim, CA. Not an entertaining response to the question, but …. I don’t know. LOL


  10. Bob Blum says:

    My favorite road trip was in 1978 three of my high school buddies drove from new jersey to Florida in a VW beetle . We spent a day in the Magic Kingdom before heading to Miami . On the way back the car broke down in Maryland .We took a bus home from there all of us lugging our bags of clothing and oranges was a sight to be seen.


  11. Dennis says:

    Great seeing the refurbed Test Track! Can’t wait to ride it this fall! Our favorite road trip was driving from Massachusetts to Lake Buena Visita strait through! 1313 Miles! We’ve done this trip many times. The anticipation builds and builds as we get closer to WDW! The drive home…not so much fun! Lol!

    Keep up the awesome videos!


  12. Megan says:

    Hey Rick, great episode. I love the new test track! My dream road trip would be to drive to Florida. My family has only ever flown down. I would like to see some of the southern states like south Carolina and Giorgia. Thank for another great show!


  13. Megan G says:

    Hey Rick! Great show as always! My dream road trip would down the coast in California. Last year I went to Disneyland for the first time and had a wedding in San Diego so I was able to take the train along the coast and that was pretty cool. But driving it would let me stop and see some of the cool little towns that we went by.


  14. Blake Schmidt says:

    Hey Rick

    The new Test Track looks great . My wife will love it as she loves the color Blue. My favorite road trip would have to be the going to the sun road in Glacier National park in Montana .



  15. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick,

    Great video. I have never been on Test Trak. I will have to put it on my to-do list. I would like to take a road trip on Route 66 from one end to the other.

    Rick, I love seeing all the videos about WDW. But, I have never been to Universal Orlando, Seaworld Orlando, or Bush Gardens in Tampa, Florida. I would like to see some videos of these theme parks.

    See you next week.



  16. Dwayne Paschall says:

    Our favorite road trips are our drives from Virginia Beach to Orlando. We typically always drive and even though it is a 12 to 14 hour drive we always driver straight through. I guess the excitement of getting to WDW is what drives us.


  17. Peggy Hickey says:

    Nice video of the new Test Track. I like the fast outside part the best, but I still miss the old World of Motion with the animatronics. I wish there was room for the old rides when new ones come in.
    I’m not into road trips. I’m waiting for the day when cars drive themselves, and I’d be able to enjoy the view. I guess I have a little wait for that.
    I like the peek of the Portafino. I would love to see inside the hotel and one of the rooms if you ever get the chance to record in there. I usually set a day aside for a day at the Universal parks each time I go to Disney World.


  18. chris j says:

    I have 2 favorite road trips my favorite as a kid was our drive to Yellowstone national park from Boston. Yellowstone is awesome. My favorite adult road trip was to Chicago, such a fun town. can’t wait to see the new test track in person, looks awesome!


  19. Isabel T. says:

    My favorite road trips are my family’s annual trips to Disney World! I’ll finally get to ride Test Track when we go next week! I can not wait! Love your videos Rick!


  20. Melissa Johnson says:

    we made many trips we moved from Maine to Alabama back in the mid 90’s and we went back and forth a lot YES from Maine to Alabama 26 hours non stop, for me and my brothers, we made a lot of memories on those trips. As an adult, I think our trip with the kids to Memphis and of course Walt Disney World. Thanks for the Test Track preview, we cannot wait to try it out! Melissa


  21. Nick Yeager says:

    Hey Rick,
    My favorite road trip is from York, Pennsylvania to Orlando, Florida, down Interstate 95. I loved seeing states I have never seen before. We were going to to see my Uncle. I am still not sure if I like the new Test Track. I will put it in my must do list. We have 39 days to go. At this time, I still like the old one better. See you next week.


  22. Kevin Nelson says:

    Test Track is so cool! But I believe I liked the old version better, it just made more sense and the queue was better, I liked all those crash test dummies! Oh well, it’s still an awesome ride! My favorite road trip was from our home in Mississippi to Colorado to go skiing every year for spring break, great memories! My kids don’t know that fun, they fly every where, I need to make a road trip happen for them!! Thanks for the great video, keep those smiles on TWR!


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