Test Track in Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort – Episode 24

This week we take a ride on Test Track in Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida on Travel with Rick with Rick Howard

Hope you enjoy this week’s video, be sure to leave a commment!

Rick Howard

24 comments on “Test Track in Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort – Episode 24”

  1. Linda Miller says:

    Thanks for another great video, Rick! Test Track is one of my family’s favorite rides.

    The meal I look forward to most when visiting Walt Disney World would have to be the Mushroom Filet at Le Cellier in the Canada pavilion at EPCOT. We have always enjoyed every meal we have had there. My granddaughter loves their Cheddar Cheese soup!

    Linda Miller


  2. Debbie Bolen says:

    Awesome video – another one of our favorite rides. The single driver line on this one makes it easier to get on, if you don’t mind splitting the group. I really hope GM keeps this one alive!

    My meals always vary when I’m @ WDW, but the one thing I always seem to get is a turkey leg from Frontierland in MK – we love them. The other is a cheese platter or tart from France, matched with a Merlot it is incredible!

    Keep up the good work – can’t wait to see more guest. Would love to see some video’s from the different resorts around WDW – I’ve seen most of them, but I always enjoy the different atmosphere each hotel has.


  3. Kris Koelzer says:

    Another great video. Can’t wait to see the tour of the Treehouse Villas and breakfast at Cinarella’s Castle.
    Alot of the food that we love at WDW can be had at home but it seems to taste so much better when you at WDW. We always look forward to eating at Cantina de San Angel and my daughter and I split the Cantina Nachos and have a Congo Fruit drink and some Churros for dessert while sitting at a table behind the restaurant by the World Showcase lagoon. That is very peaceful.


  4. Pati McElroy says:

    My favorite meal is the filet mignon at LeCellier in Canada…one of the best steaks in my opninon. I love test track. I also like the single rider line. Thank you.


  5. Scott Schultz says:

    Thanks for another great video Rick! Test Track is an awesome attraction.
    My favorite cannot miss meal at Walt Disney World would have to be the pulled Pork sandwich w/baked beans at Animal Kingdom’s Flametree Bar B Que. And while we enjoy a great steak dinner at a nice sit down restaurant every now and then, for some reason, to us, the Pulled Pork sandwich is just something we must do every trip to make it official.


  6. Sandy says:

    Thanks for the terrific video, Rick – although how you keep it so steady as you zoom around at 60+MPH is beyond me!

    LOVE this ride. I do hope GM or someone else keeps it going.

    My favorite meal at WDW would have to be the potato crusted snapper at Flying Fish. The halibut at Narcoossee’s ranks a close second.

    Thanks again!


  7. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    What a fun video! Thank you again and we are glad your daughter had such a great 16th B’Day. My husband can’t wait to go to Casey’s for a hot dog! I would like to have a meal at the Garden Grill;everything tastes so fresh.
    Can’t wait for August 15th!


  8. Rob Brooks says:

    Great video! We were just there in Dec 08 and my daughter (6 at the time) loved TestTrack. We rode it probably 10 times. I vote for the NY Strip Steak at Le Cellier.


  9. Great video, enjoyed the ride. My favorite food is tuna sandwich and clam chowder from Harbor House.


  10. Colleen Anastasi says:

    Love this ride! I think the lack of a windshield makes it seem all the faster when you are on the open track. I have video taped it many times with the kids….it was so cute when they were little – they thought they were all that when they would raise their arms in the air as the car sped around. 🙂

    Favorite meal…hmmmm….I had the ribs at Flame Tree BBQ and they were awesome! More smoked than a traditional bbq but soooooooooo good!


  11. Donna Isard says:

    Cool video. Thanks for doing this one again.
    Favorite meal would have to be the corn dogs at Casey’s Corner.


  12. Kate Puckett says:

    Best meal for me, hands down, is the pot roast at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. YUM. Thanks for this week’s video!


  13. Teresa Mays says:

    Love Test Track…please GM keep it at Epcot. It is one we sit in line for every time!

    Favorite meal…there are several, but we have to get steak at California Grill! Then we cannot miss the buffet at Crustal Palace.

    Thanks so much for the video. I find myself searching for your video every week in my Inbox!


  14. Zach Jones says:

    Great video, Rick! Pretty steady considering…

    The meal I look forward to most is Pecos Bill’s. I know, I know, it’s not that great, but you asked what I look forward to most, not what my favorite is 🙂

    I have eaten there for years, and have many great memories as a child from there with family, so that nostalgia combined with my love for the old west, and…there you go!

    Keep up the great work!


  15. James Bond says:

    Thanks for another fun video! Test Track is always a “must do” when in Epcot.

    The meal I always look forward to is at Artist Point in Wilderness Lodge. I start out with the Smoky Portobello Soup (they were nice enough to give me the recipe; now if I only had a smoker…), move on to the Cedar Plank Roasted Pacific King Salmon, and finish with the Berries in Oregon Muscat Wine. Trying to recreate it at home with Cream of Mushroom soup, fish sticks and raspberry Pop Tarts just isn’t the same.

    Looking forward to next week’s episode!


  16. Barbara says:

    Another great show Rick! I’m glad your daughter had such a great birthday, and am looking forward to the other videos from your visit. As to the favorite meal, I love all the food at WDW, but I always have to go to Germany in Epcot and get a Bratwurst, some sauerkraut, and a nice glass of their Riesling wine…..YUMMY! I used to live in Germany and it always reminds me of that time…..have a great week!


  17. Bob Nordmark says:

    Thanks for the great video Rick. When I went to WDW in 2004 I was in line for the Test Track attraction. I was just minutes away from getting seated in a car when the ride shut down. I never made it back. I’m putting it on my list of things to do on my next trip to WDW. A favorite meal–I went to the Spirit of Aloha Polynesian Luau in 2004. The meal was so tasty! Many times I have felt a longing to have that meal again. I hope to do it soon. Have a good week.


  18. Kevin Nelson says:

    Great video, Rick, thanks. We love Test Track, my three year old was just 40 inches exactly and they measured him several times outside and inside, after some sweet talk they agreed to let him on and he loved it! We won’t have to worry about that height requirement this year, thank goodness, because they turned him away at Splash Mountain, but that’s OK, because he is all that more excited to ride it this year. A favorite meal is the steaks at The California Grill and watching Wishes, what a blessing! Smile Rick, because you bring many smiles to all that see your wonderful work!


  19. Karen Revis says:

    Great video! We leave in 4 days for 12 nights at the world and cannot wait! We will do this ride a couple times.

    My favorite food would be the garlic mashed potatoes at Chef Mickey’s. My husband would pick the wasabi salmon at Crystal Palace. We will be on the dining plan so I am looking forward to a lot of great eats starting this weekend!~

    Karen J Revis
    mother to 7 little dwarfs- Matthew, Maeghann, Mason, Mackay, Malone, Marc and Max


  20. D.Kocher says:

    Hi Rick another great video. My family loves test track I am so so about it.
    I get nervous when it goes around the last turn. To fast for me! As for our favorite meals. The tuna at Columbia Harbour House. And breakfast at O’hanas.These are must’s when we visit.


  21. Annette Peppler says:

    Hi Rick
    I see that I won this past week, but I have not received an email from you. Can you try sending it out again.
    Oh and my favorite meal is the mushroom filet at Le Celliers
    Thanks Annette


  22. Brad S says:

    Great video, one of my favorite rides at WDW. Our favorite meal was at O’hanas for Dinner at the Polynesian last time we were there, great service and food!


  23. Julie S says:

    Thanks for another great episode Rick!

    Our favorite meal in Disney World has got to be Whispering Canyon Cafe! My kids love the antics of the wait staff and my hubby cannot get enough of the bottomless milk shakes. For me I just love to see the joy on their faces, as this is always our first night dinner and you can see the anticipation in their faces of all the wonderful things yet to come!!


  24. Doreen says:

    Thanks for the great video of Test Track. A family favorite of ours!!

    One of my favorite meals is the steak at Le Cellier & I have to say the buffet at Boma. We just love it there!!

    Cannot wait to see the video of the new Treehouse Villas!!


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