Thanks for a great 2012! Our Year in Review – Episode 185

Thanks for a great 2012! Our Year in Review – Episode 185

2012 is coming to a close and it’s time for us to take a look back at where we’ve been and tell you where we’ll be going for next year.

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Rick Howard

Here’s some bloopers from 2012:

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17 comments on “Thanks for a great 2012! Our Year in Review – Episode 185”

  1. Jacob Buxton says:

    Well hey guys,that episode and the bloopers were just Awesome!It really was a great year thanks to you guys.I’ve not been able to walk this year and have had some really nasty financial issues,but thanks to you guys I have always had something good to watch.You guys are life savers,bet you didn’t even know that.Andrew’s question-answer;i really liked the food and wine one about Singapore.I cracked up laughing when I first heard Rick say Singapore,next year just stay home!and then he said Dang!!lolol.that was too funny.Ricks question;I’d like to see you all do some restaurant and food reviews with having it during food and wine festival.I am a foody so I like hearing about food,lol.Hey guys,what are your favorite sushi rolls?Happy New Years guys!!I love you all too!!


  2. Jacob Buxton says:

    I meant without it being food and wine festival.


  3. Kathy Poche says:

    Think my favorite episode of 2012 was the first one where you used the helmet camera to take us down some of the slides. As for 2013 – I would love to see you do a walk through of the new Fantasy Land and maybe even get your take on the refurbished Test Track. (Hearing mixed reviews on that one). Loved the bloopers btw! Happy New Year!


    Andrew Harris Reply:

    That was definitely a lot of fun to shoot as well 😉


  4. stephen bumbaugh says:

    Andrew : We would say the best video would be ( Holiday Illuminations: Day 5 – 25 Days of Christmas ) all the video were great,but that one stands out the most..
    Rick : A little time just walking around the parks,and showing all the sites.. Then maybe talking to some of the people..
    Great job was done by all this year.We got to see alot of different places that you have taken along to see the sites..
    Looking forward to what there is to see for 2013..Looking forward to meeting you there( WDW )next year..
    Loved the bloopers ! Happy New Year!


    Andrew Harris Reply:

    Illuminations is my favorite Disney fireworks show and the holiday version is just even that much better.


  5. Penny Serrato says:

    Favorite Episode Mulch, Sweat & Shears Christmas Set: Day 21 – 25 Days of Christmas is only one of course any episode with Ken and Rick.
    What do I want to see in 2013???? Well tell us how we can use the food plan at food and wine or can you? More Disney Adventure trips.


    Andrew Harris Reply:

    I’m with you Penny! I love those guys and their Christmas set is my favorite!


  6. John Broadwater says:

    Great year Rick Thanks for all the great shows. The one Episode I liked the most your trips to the Islands. If I could send you anywhere at all I would send you to Disneyland Hong Kong and Disneyland Japan. Can’t wait until next years shows. thanks again for wonderful year.


  7. Dave says:

    What a terrific year of TWR videos… thank you so much for letting me feel the Disney magic each week.

    Andrew, if I was on a deserted island, I’d bring a full dvd of your work with me. There are so many videos I’d replay over again but I’d be sure to watch the Candlelight Processional quite a few times.

    Rick, I’d love to see you do more of the behind the scenes at Disney. I’m so curious how they do what they do whether it’s a ride, a restaurant, a parade or an event like Illuminations.

    Can’t wait for your 2013 episodes… thanks again!


  8. Jacob Buxton says:

    Yea,I’m with Dave.Do you think they would let you all do some behind the scenes videos of the attractions?That would be Awesome!!


  9. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick and Andrew,

    That was great reminiscing about all your great trips and videos from 2012. I hope someday I can go to some of the places you went to in 2012. I have two favorite episodes from 2012. First, I love to watch the Candlelight Processional each Christmas. That makes my Christmas celebration complete. Second, I really liked the video episode where the two of you explored the Island of Kauai. I would love to go there and take the same day trip that you guys did.

    Where would I like you to go to in 2013? How about Disneyland Paris.

    Thanks you guys for all the great videos each week throughout the year. You always give me something to look forward to and something to hope for.

    See you next week.


    P.S. I’m the one who is going to win the lottery. When I do win it I will make a contribution to your cause.


  10. Nick says:

    Hey Rick,
    Happy New Year. It was great listening about the highlights of 2012. My favorite episode hand down is when you and Lou Mongello toured the Magic Kingdom and he explained the roles of the buildings and attractions they play in the park. Do you think in 2013 you can invited him back so he can explain Adventureland, Frontierland, and Tomorrowland? I am looking forward to the new year. Happy New Year. Stay safe.


  11. Scott says:

    Hey, guys! What a great year of videos…hard to pick just one. I liked your Disney Wonder series for the Hawaii trip. Having never been on a Disney cruise, I appreciated seeing all of the myriad activities, food, and adventures that come with one…especially when it travels to one of my favorite places on earth: Hawaii!

    For 2013, I would echo some of the other comments here about “working the parks” to show some inside tips and fun “backstage” stuff, utilizing your many amazing friends you’ve showcased throughout the years, too. Specifically, I’m curious to see how this upcoming Fast Pass Plus deal compares with “regular” Fast Pass, standard queue options, etc.

    And, of course, more helmet-cam! (a/k/a, Andy-cam)

    Thanks for sharing your awesomely produced, endlessly fun adventures every week…and Happy New Year!


  12. Penny Serrato says:

    Sat down this morning with my Baileys and coffee to watch the bloopers. I saved them for a day when I had nothing to do, glad I did. Very fun. I so enjoy laughing with you and at you. Good job TFS
    Happy New Year


  13. John Bullard says:

    Hey guys !
    Great year with TWR – I’m looking forward to 2013!

    My favorite 2012 episode was zip lining in Hawaii

    And if I had $15,000 to send Rick and myself anywhere in the world in 2013 it would be on an ABD trip that also includes time at an international Disney Resort destination. I know they do one for Disneyland Paris, but if they also offer one for China, I would prefer that one!


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