The Steiff Bear Factory & Museum from Rick’s 2010 Adventures by Disney Trip to Germany – Episode 106

This week come along on a tour of the Steiff Bear Factory & Museum. Rick and Tracy talk about the unique teddy bears made by Steiff and you’ll get to see some of the hard work that goes into each one!

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Rick Howard

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8 comments on “The Steiff Bear Factory & Museum from Rick’s 2010 Adventures by Disney Trip to Germany – Episode 106”

  1. tammy says:

    What a great video, my daughter had to watch it at least 4 times, she loves teddy bears. The elephant was the first pin cushion I believe. Thanks Rick


  2. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Ricj,
    I loved the video because I have always loved teddy bears and that’s why Pooh Bear is one of my favorite Disney characters.
    The elephant was the first pincushion and it was made of felt.

    I’m looking forward to seeing that castle video soon!!


  3. Nicklas Yeager says:

    Hey Rick,
    I liked this video. I like teddy bears. They were cute. I was hard to understand what everyone was saying in the beginning, when you were making the bears. I really don’t know what the first pincushion was. I am really looking forward to that castle you have trouble saying. I got it down. I can say the name, no problem. See you next week.


  4. Larry says:

    Looks like you are right, very Disney style design to the Museum. I’m going to have to save extra to add a Asvertures By Disney trip some time in the future along with my yearly trip to WDW. Keep us apprised if you decide to do some sort of Meet for the Food and Wine Festival in 2011. Keep sharing, your video make for a great Friday treat.


  5. Penny Serrato says:

    That was cute. You know if you turn the bear head around and look at it from the back it almost looks like Mickey…I have no idea what the first pincushion was.
    Thanks for sharing



  6. Robert Nordmark says:

    Great video Rick. Now I have to go to Germany (or Epcot)to get a Steiff Teddy Bear. Margarita Steiff made the first pin cushion to look like an elephant.

    See you next week.



  7. Kevin Nelson says:

    Thanks so much Rick and Tracy. I know that was such a great memory with your family! The museum was surprising, I didn’t expect that, nicely done! The fin pincushion was the Elephant! Can’t wait till next week, until then, keep that smile on!


  8. Peggy Hickey says:

    Now that’s my kind of factory!
    I love the Steiff bears. I’ve had a little Steiff tiger puppet for years. Great quality stuffed animals.
    I guess we all agree their first pincushion was an elephant. I would have thought a porcupine would be more suitable, but…


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