Tour of the new Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship – Episode 158

Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship is gorgeous so come take a tour with some of our travel planners from Kingdom Magic Vacations as they show you the great features of the Disney Fantasy.

Hope you enjoy today’s video, be sure to leave a comment!

Rick Howard

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20 comments on “Tour of the new Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship – Episode 158”

  1. Linda Raymond says:

    WOW that was fun..almost like being on the ship (NOTE I said almost lol) Looks like such fun, and there is for sure something for everyone, I am thinking you would need more then one cruise to fit everything in….once again a great video….
    I think BELIEVE would be a great name of a Disney ship…….

    Thanks Rick


  2. Linda Miller says:

    What a phenomenal ship! I would love to take a Disney cruise. It looks like every member of the family will have a fabulous time!

    Thank you so much for the great video! It gave me my Disney fix for the day!!

    I think IMAGINE would be a good name for another Disney ship, since everything that Disney creates is full of imagination.

    Thanks again, Rick! Can’t wait to see what you have for us next week!!

    Linda Miller


  3. Dave says:

    Another great episode to watch while I enjoy my Saturday morning coffee. Terrific idea to bring in the KMV team as roving reporters.

    Have a wonderful Easter holiday…. dave


  4. Mary Callahan says:

    Gee what a super episode! I so appreciated the stroll around the ship, seeing all there is to do. It truely surprised me,since I’ve never been on a cruise. That ship is hughe!! Hummm, what would I call the next ship?
    The Disney Sensation!
    🙂 Mary


  5. Colleen says:

    Ship looks sooo familiar! I loved being able to be on it with you and all the wonderful agents of KMV! As awesome as these videos are, you truly can not appreciate its beauty and wonderful ammenities until you experience it. Biggest word of advice for anyone taking a Disney cruise…be sure to pack comfy pants for the trip home! With so many dining choices, you can’t help but try it all! Adding 5 pounds on a cruise is quite easy to do! Most definitely worth it!


  6. Kevin Nelson says:

    I’m so lovin’ the Disney Fantasy video, great idea having KMV agents, all happy and all smilin’, love it! I just can’t wait to our cruise soon. I’m going to sit down with my family and watch this video, get them all pumped up! Next cruise ship could be the Disney Wishes! Y’all have fun, keep smilin’ and HAPPY EASTER!


  7. Nicklas says:

    Hey Rick,
    Happy Easter. I hope you enjoyed the madaian voyage on the Disney Fantasy. I was suprised at all you can do. Its like Walt Disney World only its on a ship. I never been on a cruise so that is why I was suprised. Mabye some year. I think the Disney Discover would be a good name, because there is alot to discover at Walt Disney World. Have a good Easter and see you next week.


  8. Penny Serrato says:

    That is such a beautiful ship. I loved the detail on the chair backs in the restaurants. You have to look at everything to really get the idea of the time that Disney puts into every project they do. I think they should name the next ship Wishes. Again Thanks for sharing (Andrew thanks for the great video work)



  9. cathy m. says:

    Hi Rick,
    It is a beautiful ship. If I were younger and were just starting my teaching career I would apply for a job on this ship then I wouldn’t be such a coward and not want to cruise.
    I enjoy these videos; have a wonderful trip!


  10. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    Thank you for another great video!!! I am in awe by all the details Disney puts into the decor. Just beautiful and so family friendly. I would love to travel on one of the cruises out of NYC!
    How about “Enchanted” for a ship name?


  11. Peggy Hickey says:

    Those Disney ships are all so beautiful.
    Maybe some day I’ll be able to sail away on The Disney “Inspiration” (although I really do like Jeanne’s “Enchanted”).
    I’m looking forward to the next Travel With Rick video. I haven’t missed a single one, right from the start.


  12. Donna Isard says:

    Thanks again for another great video. I can’t wait to book a cruise on the Fantasy. We are going on the Dream on in June and just love it. Well as for a name for the next disney Ship how does “Believe” sound? Enjoy your cruise on the Fantasy.


  13. John Broadwater says:

    the name I would like to call the next ship would be PARADISE. it would befitting since that where it takes you. great show see you next time


  14. Bob Nordmark says:

    That was great Rick! The Fantasy looks like a beautiful ship. I would love to take it on a Caribbean Criuse. A name for the next Disney Cruise ship–How about “BOBALICIOUS”? A friend of mine gave me that nick-name. It sounds fun and whimsical.

    See you next week.



  15. Carrie Freistuhler says:

    I think the next ship could be named Horizons.
    Never been on a cruise and will do one soon. I really want to try the Aquaduck.


  16. I think they should name a ship or 2 after Walt and Roy after all if it were not for them there would be no DCL


  17. Margaret Friels says:

    The Fantasy is a truly Beautiful, Fantastic. As I view your podcast of the Fantasy I’m wishing I was there , it truly brings back fond memories of my last cruise . Fantasy here we come!


  18. Larry says:

    Imagination would be a great name for a new ship. I’ve a question for you. I solo WDW all the time. I’m wonder that as a solo idividual on a Disney cruise I might feel out of place. Please feel free to e-mail me back a reply.


  19. Michael says:

    I think the Disney Adventure would be a good name for the next ship.

    Love the video! Thanks for the virtual tour. I hope to be on the ship in a few years. Well, who knows what ship they might have by then?


  20. Kim says:

    What a great episode!! Loved the tour and meeting some of KMV’s agents! 😉


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