Tower of Terror – Episode 183

Join us if you dare as we check in to the Hollywood Tower Hotel and ride a very creepy service elevator on this exciting thrill ride!

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Rick Howard


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15 comments on “Tower of Terror – Episode 183”

  1. Karen says:

    Is it just mentor is there something wrong with this weeks video?

    I’m just seeing code


  2. Karen says:

    Seems to be fixed now

    Not a fan of TOT. Won’t be going on that ride next month but still glad to see the line area

    Thanks for posting and giving me my Disney fix before our next trip at the end of next month


  3. Jacob Buxton says:

    Great video this week as always.I really don’t like heights but I might actually ride the Tower of Terror provided with enough peer
    I guess the most memorable elevator ride would have to be the one time I got stuck in one in an older building.It got to the 14th floor and the power went out.All the lights in the elevator went out and everyone was scared it would drop.We had to wait like 5 minutes before it started up again but it felt like an hour.We were all so scared and happy to get off of it.Scary memory.
    I can’t wait to see the 25 days of Christmas episodes.That means my daily Disney fixes will be back,yay!!Thank you Rick and Andrew.


  4. Nick says:

    Hey Rick,
    Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? I did. Me and this ride do not have a happy history. I was scared in my 2003 and my 2005 trips. I finally gathered enough courage in 2007 and got on it. It is now one of my favorite rides at Disney. I am looking forward to the 25 Days of Christmas. I especially want to see the McDaddy of all Christmas trees… The one at the Magic Kingdom. See you next week.


  5. Penny Serrato says:

    OH that was great. I never got to ride the Tower, can’t wait till we make our next trip so I can. Wildest elevator story, when I was in the hospital having my son, my daughter, who was 8 at the time came to spend the day with me. While I was taking a nap she decided to go downstairs. The next thing I know is I have a security guard waking me up asking if she was my child. I was in shock as well as still half asleep, he proceeded to explain that my daughter was playing elevator operator and assisting all the riders to the floors they requested. Someone got concerned and turned her in. I was pretty embarrassed.


  6. Scott says:

    Not getting to view this weeks video. Not sure why


  7. John Broadwater says:

    Great Show Rick and thanks for show this ride to us. I’ve never had any scary rides on elevator. but my daughter was always scared when she was little she would fall through the crack between the car and the wall. well have a great week an can’t wait until next week


  8. Brother Joseph Rock says:

    Well, the craziest thing I ever witnessed in an elevator is when you are riding in it and the doors barely open and you have to open it up manually the rest of the way. This ride was so much fun in California Adventure. Fantastic. Thank you very much for the prize. May God bless you and your family and your business, brother.


  9. Kevin Nelson says:

    Awesome video! I’ve riden TOT a few times and loved it! My boys are 9 and 7 and won’t quite make the leap to ride it, but they will in their own time! Elevators have been good to me but one time at The Ritz Carlton in New Orleans I was standing by a very tall, athletic guy who turned out to be Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic who were in town playing the NO Hornets, it was cool! He was big and had a nice smile! I’m so thankful for my friends at TWR! The 25 days of Christmas is always cool and fun, can’t wait. Keep those smiles on!


  10. Carol Nash says:

    That was a great video. I love Tower of Terror. We will be there Feb 2-6th. I can’t wait. The only crazy thing that happened in an elevator was that I got stuck in one at a hospital. Luckily the maintace crew was able to get us out quickly. We will look for you in Feburary!!


  11. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick,

    Great video. There wasn’t much to see because of the darkness of the ride but when the doors opened up and I saw the green earth below and the blue skies with a few clouds and a lot of sun I thought to myself how much I wish I were at Disney World!

    Craziest Elevator moment: I work with people who are developmentally disabled. One night we had just finished our basketball game. Me, my client, another player and his father got onto the elevator to go up to the next floor. My client passed gas. OH MY! I thought to myself, how could he stink up the elevator so fast, so much, on such a short ride. When we got to my car we had a little talk about this subject.

    See you next week.



  12. Jeanne Cundiff says:

    Thanks for another great Disney ride Video! I love this ride! My son is going to ride it for the first time on our next trip. Yeah – he is 15 and has been a chicken! The craziest elevator moment really isn’t that strange but it was odd for me. I had my nose into a hotel bill, stepped onto the elevator and when I looked up I was surrounded by 7 or 8 HUGE College football players. I am 5’2″ and it made me feel like I was 5 years old again. I can remember thinking I hope the elevator holds and isn’t overloaded. I did say how small I felt and one of the guys said “Ma’am, you are small.” Which got a big laugh from all of those young guys and me. Can’t wait for the 25 days – I love when you have it!
    Thanks for another Disney fix Andrew and Rick!


  13. Mike O'Neill says:

    Hi there Rick great video/series I was just recently searching YouTube for ride-through videos and came across yours and was hooked, and from what I’ve seen I love your show keep it up. As far as elevator experiences go, I was vacationing in Disney World staying at the Coronado Springs Resort/Spa I had just finished at the pool, and headed back to the complex that my room was in, and then over to one of the elevators, and apparently Simon Cowell was staying just two rooms across from me and was waiting at the elevator, and I happened to bump into him, so we started talking, and ended up chatting for about 10 minutes before we finally realized that the elevator had stopped and we were stuck. After about 15 minutes of being stuck we heard one of the guys from his security team call out “Simon…. Simon are you there?” he *referring to Simon* rolled his eyes at me, and for reasons beyond me I called back “No we’re trapped in here and being held ransom.” I don’t know why, but that was just the witty response that came out, well we tried calling back to tell the security guard that I was just joking, but the man had already run off to get help, and Simon started laughing then said “You do realize how unpleasant this is about to get, right?” maybe five minutes later we hear something hit the top of the elevator and see the top just get flung off and this extremely large man jumped down knife in hand pushed Simon aside and shoved his foot into my chest forcing me against the door then he proceeded to start questioning us both on what happened. Well needless to say Simon and I had a good little joke about it all afterwards, but his security team was livid with me. In the end I got an autograph from Simon, and he calmed down his security team, the most awkward thing was being asked if my family and I would mind moving to a different complex. Well that is my big elevator story, and I can’t wait to see your new video this week!!!


  14. Melinda Reigle says:

    Tower of Terror is my granddaughters favorite ride at all of the DIsney parks. She has loved it since she was tall enough to ride it. Speaking of tall enough, it would be nice to be able to get some sort of folding height chart that you can pin up on the wall and stand in front of that you can measure what rides you are tall enough to ride. I got one a ew years back from a travel agent and can’t find any since. IF you know where I can get on I would appreciate it.

    I love all the videos you do and can’t wait to get back there…which by the way will be in 3 days. We are going on a Disney cruise and then to the parks which we booked thru your most awesome TA Stacy.


  15. Yvette says:

    My family went to Hollywood Studios and my niece wanted to go on TOT, so my husband volunteered, while we went to see a show. I think my husband said that my niece stayed with the rest of the group but then at the last minute decided not to go and asked my husband not to say anything.(He told ME) Well, the castmember took them down the regular elevator and said “Well now you could tell all your friends that you took the TOT elevator!” It was so
    sweet so her secret is safe with me:)


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