Training for Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival – Episode 224

Get a glimpse behind-the-scenes as Rick trains and prepares for Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival.

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12 comments on “Training for Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival – Episode 224”

  1. Kevin Nelson says:

    That was so funny and so much FUN! I cant’t wait till Oct. 1st!! EPIC, OFF THE HOOK!!! You are ready my friend, put on that smile and rock out EPCOT’s 2013 Food and Wine Festival!! I’ll be watching everyday!! I’m thankful for TWR!


  2. Kate Jackson says:

    This episode was too funny!!!!! all I have to say is LOL


  3. Steven says:

    hilarious & depressing at the same time—–my wife & i were down there for last years food & wine fest—22 booths in 2.5 days! had an awesome time! she’s being slack this year—we didn’t book a trip….she’s gonna regret it…..starting october 1, i’ll be sending your videos straight to her email so she sees what SHE caused us to miss! you’re giving me my fix this year—thx a lot! next year, i’m going with or without her……..take care…..steven


  4. john broadwater says:

    great show. Very funny and yet informative. Good luck and can’t wait for you to begin the fun.


  5. Mary Callahan says:

    Oh boy! You had me hooked right from the start!! You pack just like I do!!
    I could just taste all those wines… The whole show was fun and very clever 🙂
    A whole month of great nights with you folks!! Can’t wait!!!
    Thanks so much


  6. Linda Raymond says:

    This was so funny,,,,loved it!, take a sniffy sniff omg,,,,,,


  7. JoAnn Chittenden says:

    Very funny and clever, Rick! Your training went well! How cool it is to see a photo of us with you. Thanks! You’ve convinced us that we need to train for food and wine and are swirling, sniffing, and tasting as many wines as we can up to the festival. We’re on countdown 12 days til Vero and 16 days til food and wine. We will be watching all your videos to see what’s good and not. We’re putting our money on Scotland over Singapore. See you there! Jo and John


  8. Peggy Hickey says:

    Bravo! Loved the acting chops. This episode was a riot. Lots of fun, and information, too! I will try to keep up with the daily episodes, but I may miss a few. They make me so hungry.
    I wish I could be there too.
    Keep up the innovations. Loving them.


  9. Penny Serrato says:

    That was AWESOME!!! Who finished off the rest of the wine????? TFS see ta next week


  10. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick,
    I’ll give you Rhino, and Jon a Grammy for that performance. It was great!
    See you on October 1st.



  11. Gary Watson says:

    Great video, looking forward to seeing all the food and wine videos from 1st October.
    Only wish I was there as well to taste all that fantastic food.


  12. John Przychodzien says:

    Enjoyed your latest episode. You are ready for Food and Wine! Very funny. We are headed for Food and Wine October 3 to 11 and are so happy to be coming back to Disney for one of our favorite Disney events. Hope to see you and the TWR team while we are there. We will be watching each episode from our hotel room like we did last year. Thanks for all your great tips.
    John, Lisa & Megan


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