Travel with Rick’s Year In Review and Bloopers – Episode 233

Rick and John sit down and review the amazing places they have visited in 2013…and a few bloopers made along the way.

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7 comments on “Travel with Rick’s Year In Review and Bloopers – Episode 233”

  1. Kevin Nelson says:

    I didn’t miss one episode!! I’m so thankful for TWR, sure makes the time between vacations tolerable! I just live for my vacations, I only have my two boys for a short time and I wanna create as many memories as possible! They are such mama’s boys but when it comes to WDW they think dad is the bomb. It’s the only time they fight over who’s gonna hold my hand, so I hold each of their hand’s, I LOVE IT! I wanna big hug from both of you just to say thank you. Maybe one day, I’ll be in WDW at Bay Lake Tower in early February celebrating my and my son’s b-day and be at the F&WF and running The Tower of Terror 10 miler in Oct. Thank you so much my friends and as always, keep those smiles on!


    Mary Callahan Reply:

    I agree,Ken!!! They are super! Have fun with your sons! It’s so precious!


  2. Mary Callahan says:

    What a super episode of all the past 2013 fun!! The answer to the question:; I travel because it refreshes me and just makes me grounded!!! I love the way your website is evolving. I look forward to my Fridays ….. You work so hard, and I totally appreciate it.
    Happy New Year to all of you and all of us that follow you!!


    Mary Callahan Reply:

    So sorry!! I meant to type KEVIN!!!
    spellcheck!!!!!!! LOL


    Kevin Nelson Reply:

    No problem my fellow TWR friend! Happy New Year! Keep that smile on Mary!


  3. Brother Joseph Rock says:

    I don’t get the chance to travel very much at all, but if I do, I would travel to see the sites that God has created through His power and through man’s power. It all can combine and create such beauty. Plus I love to see and even talk to kind and loving people.


  4. Penny Serrato says:

    Well that was fun. Been out of the loop for a while but I watched all the episodes, great as usual. Why do I travel? I travel for the history, food, and culture experience.


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