Unbelievable Service is the Norm at the Whispering Canyon Cafe – Episode 186

This week’s we’ll take you to a Disney restaurant where getting insulted and yelled at by your waitress is just part of the fun. At the Whispering Canyon Cafe the staff plays along with guests, cracking jokes, delivering way to much ketchup to your table and extremely large mason jars full of sweet tea. You won’t believe the experience we had. Check it out.

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Rick Howard

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18 comments on “Unbelievable Service is the Norm at the Whispering Canyon Cafe – Episode 186”

  1. Linda Raymond says:

    Rick I have watched , many many of your Episodes,,but this one just cracked me up..I dont know if I ever seen Andrew so flustered….. and I am thinking the one trying so hard to get him a girlfriend, was interested herself lol….
    thanks for a GREAT start, in 2013…..see ya next week,



  2. Jacob Buxton says:

    Wow!! What a way to start off 2013!What a fantastic episode!!This is what I was talking about as far as food and restaurant reviews go.It was so funny!This might be my new favorite episode.Food and restaurant review and hilarious content.Great great episode.Thank you for my swag bag.I’m so excited about winning.It’s my first win yay!lol.My funny restaurant story would have to be when we {high school band)stopped at a restaurant in Missouri.This restaurant is known for throwing dinner rolls at you when you ask for one.My friend who was sitting next to me asked for one so the guy threw one from across the room,it knocked over my tea and it spilled all over my pants and I had to ride the bus ride home with soaking wet pants,lol.Take care guys!


    Scott Allen Reply:

    Great story about Lambert’s, Jacob! (home of the “throwed rolls”) Sorry you suffered an iced tea shower, but I’ve heard of more “serious” casualties from Lambert’s, including rolls to the head and eyeglasses knocked off!


  3. Stephanie says:

    Rick & Andrew thanks for the video! I haven’t been to Whispering Canyon in years – and you have made me want to go again. Too much fun!


  4. Kathy Poche says:

    Love the “Food is so much better looking then us” line, Andrew! Best restaurant experience was at the Maya Grill in Coronado Springs. My husband, daughter and I were there in December of ’11 to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary and our daughter’s 8th birthday. Our waiter, made the experience magical by having the gentlemen playing guitar serenade us and he even brought two glasses of champagne. It Was awesome!


  5. Sara says:

    I like the Whispering Canyon. It’s a fun place. My best experience was at Flying Fish. I like to sit at the counter looking into the kitchen. I had the steak and during my meal the grill master asked me how my steak was. Second one is when I ate at Le Chef in France at Epcot. I was celebrating my birthday and when they bought out my cupcake the whole wait staff, not just a few waiters but everyone including Remy sang Happy Birthday in French.


  6. I love this place BUT I am not a fan of the family style dinner, I liked the al carte menu better. I hope they bring it back soon.


  7. Brother Joseph Rock says:

    My most memorable restaurant service was at the Olive Garden in Roanoke, VA. The waiter was on the ball with his service. He was always asking if everything was okay, he did not say speak like a smart-Alick, he was always in a cheerful mood, overall he was just awesome. I payed him a $5.00 tip an told him he gave the best service I ever had.


  8. stephen bumbaugh says:

    Rick an Andrew : That is a great way to start the new year.I just wonder why they did not pick on Rich,he looked a little shy or hoping they did not say any thing to him,That is not fare Andrew,just picked on you…Thanks for a great video..Can not wait till the next one comes out..

    Restaurant : would have to be .When we were in Greece.The three of broke from the tour to find a local restaurant..We found a little Mom and son one and it was off the bitten path just what we wanted an ordered a Gyro sandwich..We got the sandwich in a Togo box as we had to get back to the group..The box was laid out in section and you put the sandwich together your self..The lady that owned the shop came out an told how the Greek people put them together,in broken English..Did I say the menu was in Greek an with a place just like we were looking for a real taste of Greece..


  9. Scott Allen says:

    What a fun episode! Thanks for playing along with the waitresses, despite your best efforts to fend them off. I think Andrew’s on to something with his “critical comedian” idea…sounds like a marketable skill to me!

    My most memorable restaurant service was at the Heartthrob Cafe in St. Paul (Minnesota), a retro-style restaurant where the wait staff wore roller skates and danced to 50’s tunes. The best (worst?) part was going there for your birthday and being asked to stand on the table while they sang Happy Birthday and “tried” to feed you your free birthday banana split. Needless to say the whipped cream and syrup inevitably got ALL over my face, head, hair, etc.! Embarrassing times 10!

    Sadly the place closed about 15 years ago, so I’m unable to bring my kids there to embarrass them! I’m sure there are many other ways I can do that…I hear dads are good at that when their kids become teenagers…

    Great work again, gents!

    -Scott A.


  10. John Broadwater says:

    Great show glad to see you at one of my favorite restaurants in Disney world. On our first trip to Disney World we had quiet a few breakfast there.The only funny thing that ever happened to us at a restaurant was when our order got lost in the computer at Tony’s Town Square.we had a ball just sitting there enjoy everything going on. we didn’t realize how long it was since the order was taken.We were just enjoying the atmosphere there. We finally got our order two hours later. we did have a really good time thanks to the computer losing our order. thank again can’t wait for the next show.


  11. Yvette says:

    Loved this show! I remember eating at the Whispering Canyon with my
    mom and son. It was the first time that he played with Lincoln Logs
    at the front of the restaurant. The waiter was easy on us (actually very
    warm and attentive). He may have done that since my son (at 2yrs) fell
    asleep on my lap during dinner!

    I do remember an embarassing moment at a restaurant with a waitress. I
    went to an outside restaurant in South Beach with friends (about 10-12 people), this was many years ago, and we all ordered appetizers and drinks. At the end, everyone contributed money, but I guess it did not add up to 15-20 percent tip with everyone just throwing money at the check. Well, when
    we walked out of the restaurant the waitress ran after us yelling “you
    didn’t like the service?” It was so embarassing, we did not mean for that
    to happen, so we gave her more money!


  12. Yvette says:

    My husband and I love the Ohana restaurant in the Polynesian! One
    day can you go there? I love how they just keep on bringing you food,
    the whole time! And, you can see the fireworks from there.
    It’s such a good place to go with a big group…just make sure you give a good


  13. Bob Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick and Andrew,

    That was a lot of fun to watch. I will have to make sure that I am loosened up and in a good mood when I go to eat at Whispering Pines. I don’t have any restaurant stories to tell but one restaurant that I think is pretty unique
    is the Sci-Fi Dine In Theater at Holywood Studios. That was a lot of fun to sit in a drive-in theater and watch old retro movies and programs while I was eating my meal.

    Rick–your beard is getting pretty thick. How much longer are you going to keep it? Also, I was wondering–how many people watch TWR every week?

    See you next week.



  14. Penny Serrato says:

    O that was great, Andrew turns such a pretty color of red. Wow 26, I have kids older than you( younger than you 2 LOL) The food looked really good and the service, well let’s just say I would love to take someone there who didn’t know how it worked and watch the fun.
    Do they have a warning sign or anything to warn you in advance of the type of service you might receive?
    By the way Grizzly Rick, love the beard.


  15. John says:

    Wonderful video Rick and Andrew! I love the crazy wait staff? I showed your video to my wife, because this is one of the places we were thinking of eating at, now I’m not sure she wants to go, hahahahaha. She was scolded at 50’s prime time for hiding my sons peas under his mashed potatoes. The kids thought it was great that mom got in trouble for a change.
    Keep up the great work!


  16. Steven says:

    on 1 visit to shula’s, (AWESOME cowboy steak!–our meal was great) i learned a valuable lesson–at the end of the meal, when we received our bill–i paid in cash. BUT–it took a while for our server to return to pick up my payment, so i left the cash (& included a very generous tip) behind the ticket in the server’s bill book or whatever you want to call it. a few hours later, once we were in bed back at the boardwalk, our room phone rang. it was the manager of shula’s! he told me that i needed to find a way to pay my bill! i was like—WHAT??? i told him i left cash behind the receipt in the payment book & then he put me on hold. i just knew the server had taken my cash & said i didn’t pay the bill & i was gonna have to pay twice–but then the manager returned to the phone. i can’t tell you how big of an apology i received. he was so embarassed. NONE of them looked behind the receipt to see the cash i left! they opened an empty bill book & only saw the actual bill! not the cash behind it! so from now on, we learned to NEVER leave cash on the table! even at a signature restaurant in disney!
    we actually haven’t been back to shula’s since. made me mad after i thought about it—but o well….i’ve certainly made my fair share of mistakes too!


  17. Joe says:

    I would NEVER EAT THERE. When I go out to eat, I want a nice, quiet, enjoyable atmosphere. NOT a bunch of loud, rude, not so funny waitresses who try to act like Rodney Dangerfield. It may be ok if you’re with kids but not if it’s just you and your wife wanting a QUIET lunch or dinner.


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