We Feature One of the Live Performers in Downtown Disney California – Episode 59

This week we meet and listen to Brother Yusef, one of the Live Performers in Downtown Disney in California on Travel with Rick with host Rick Howard

Hope you enjoy this week’s video, be sure to leave a commment!

Rick Howard

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14 comments on “We Feature One of the Live Performers in Downtown Disney California – Episode 59”

  1. Paul Sulecki says:

    Hi Rick. Once again another great show. Brother Yusef sounded really good. To answer his question, it is my belief that early blues players were indeed sad or maybe “down in the dumps” if you will do to their daily struggles in everyday life. “That’s why they call’em the blues”.

    Keep up the good work Rick and thanks for helping me escape the snow covered northeast for a little while each week. Great job!!!


  2. Pati M says:

    I personally like the blues. I don’t think it is sad music, but sometimes can be very soulful. Thanks Rick.


  3. Linda Miller says:

    Thanks, Rick! Brother Yusef is an awesome blues singer/player. Another thing to look forward to when I finally get to Disneyland.

    I don’t think the blues is sad, either. It’s just a great musical form of expression.

    Thanks, again! Looking forward to next week’s video.

    Linda Miller


  4. Thelma Huss says:

    I like the blues. I usually don’t feel sad or blue when listening to them, but then it is influenced by how your are personally feeling at the moment. The words are somewhat “blue” but the music is joyful. A good mix.


  5. John Broadwater says:

    thank you for another great show. I don’t think the blues is sad but an expression of emotion in music. thanks again.


  6. Penny Serrato says:

    Great video. The Blues are a way of expressing the singer/players feelings in a way that everyone can relate in an enjoyable way I think…..



  7. Scott Schultz says:

    Great video Rick! As a guitar builder/player, I absolutely Loved this show. Brother Yusef is certainly a talented musician. It just might be worth a trip to California Disney just to see him. I Love listening to the blues and have many friends who are blues musicians. Are Blues sad or happy? Depends on the song your singing and how you’re feeling at the time.


  8. Nora N says:

    I enjoy listenting to the blues now and then. I really enjoyed his music and can’t wait to get to Disneyland.


  9. cathy mullen says:

    Hi Rick,
    I think a long time ago the songs were written about hardship and bad luck and the writers were feeling down or “blue”. The blues can mean different things to different people. I’m not a fan of the blues but the songs are important in music history.


  10. Peggy Hickey says:

    Wow that guy can play! It sounded like there were more people playing but it was just him. Very cool.
    To answer the question… nope, those were happy blues. They made me smile.
    Great show.


  11. Robert Nordmark says:

    Hey Rick and Brother Yusef, That was great! I am not a big Blues fan but I enjoyed listening to Brother Yusef. I think Blues is soulful music and communicates a lot of feeling. I get so busy trying to see everything in the theme parks–it would be a good break to just sit down and listen to Brother Yusef for a while.

    Thanks Rick

    P.S. Recently I have not been getting your weekly episodes in my email. I have had to go to your web site to watch the video. Would you please make sure they are being emailed to me?


  12. Debbie Bolen says:

    Loved it Brother Yusef! Thanks Rick for this live show!
    The blues are awesome – been a fan all my life. To me the blues can be sad or happy, depending on my mood at the time. They always seem to reflect life – the ups and downs.
    I’d love to be able to see Brother Yusef the next time in Disneyland, but in the meantime, I’ll definitely check out Youtube.

    Thanks again!


  13. Kevin Nelson says:

    Brother Yusef is a master on the guitar, truly an awesome talent!! I wish he would perform at WDW Downtown Disney! I think the Blues is upbeat and it communicates the songwriter’s thoughts and feelings at the time, come take a trip into the Mississippi Delta along the Mississippi Blues trail, it will tell you all you what to know and you get to read about some of the most famous blues artists ever. Thanks Rick, the blues sang by Brother Yusef keeps me smilin’!


  14. Eric Berger says:

    Hi Rick,

    That was jut awesome. I wouldn’t say the blues are sad. They just portray the spirit and emotion the performer feels at the moment. Like a window to the soul. Brother Yusef is just incredible, what a talent.

    Thanks again for a great broadcast.

    aka- trumpeteer


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