What are we Doing in Maine?

Episode 385 – June 10, 2016

This week Leslie and I talk about Our 2016 trip to Maine. Find out where we are staying while we’re here, what we’re doing and most importantly where and what we’re eating. Last year we enjoyed our visit to Maine so much that we made it more of a permanent thing. Yes, we bought a cottage, a tiny house in Wells, Maine and plan to visit each summer. We are discovering fun things to do here, fixing up our place and getting settled and more importantly visiting local restaurants to decide which ones will become our favorites.

This week we tell you about a few we’ve found and later we’ll take you back to some of them for a more in depth look. Some of them will be no surprise why they are great, yes, of course there’s lobster, lots of Maine lobster. But some of them will be a surprise! The best Italian food ever, in Maine? You betcha, I’ll never have Veal Parmigiana anywhere else. The best Mexican dish, maybe and it’s right here in Ogunquit, Maine.

So check out the video and find out what the heck we are doing in Maine this summer!


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