Wishes Fireworks Show Magic Kingdom – Episode 6

This week we watch the Wishes Fireworks show over the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Hope you enjoy this week’s video, be sure to leave a commment below!


46 comments on “Wishes Fireworks Show Magic Kingdom – Episode 6”

  1. Penny Serrato says:

    I’m glad you mentioned your Facebook Account. I was going to suggest maybe some videos from some of the resorts to help people decide where they want to stay. Since I never ever expected to be able to go to Disney (there are alot of people out there that never get the chance)getting to go for a second time is a miricle. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside last year and it was beautiful, this time when we go in December we will be staying at Coranado Springs. Maybe you could give us some info on this resort. Anyway I loved the fireworks I remember that Tinkerbell flies out from the castle and my son talked about that for, well he still talks about it.


  2. Colleen Anastasi says:

    I love this fireworks show! We normally see if from the Tomorrowland bridge but when we watched it in 2007 from our Tower room at the Contemporary, I was really amazed that even though when you are in the park, it looks as if the fireworks are coming from behind the castle, they are really being shot off from way off to the side.

    My favorite Disney resort has the be Fort Wilderness. We have both camped there and stayed in the cabins. The cabins are so nice because you have all that space and honestly, I am not sure I would want to spend a week or more in one room with 3 teenagers! The kids take the back bedroom and my husband and I take the murphy bed in the living room. Having the full kitchen is a great way to help save on the meal budget on vacation. The private wood deck is great in the morning to sit out on and drink your coffee. It is really like coming home when we stay there. Another great place to watch the fireworks from is from the beach. You stop at the Settlement, get your Mickey bar, watch the electrical boat parade go by, then Wishes starts. A perfect way to spend a quiet evening in Disney!


  3. Phyllis Buonocore says:

    Hi Rick,
    My favorite resort is the Port Orleans Riverside resort you do feel you are in New Orleans we have been to many of the resorts but that would be #1 On our next trip we will be staying at the Animal Kingdom My son stayed there in Aug. He love to see the animals in the morning from his room.Loved the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom they always make me feel like a kid again. See you next week


  4. Steve Rydzyk says:

    Hi Rick,

    Great video of Wishes. I love watching it with my son. We have had many happy memories of this. Anyway’s, my favorite resort has to be the Wilderness Lodge & Villas. We have stayed there three time over the years, once in the lodge, twice at the Villas. The wilderness theme is awesome, gyser is cool, creek that starts within the lodge is something I’ve never seen anywhere before. I like taking the boat transportation to the Magic Kingdom. It’s sorta like a freebie ride before you get into the park. Finally, the close proximity to Fort Wilderness and the Trail End Restaurant. Cheapest buffet in town! Second favorite resort is probably Port Orleans French Quarter. Keep the videos a coming.

    Steve from Newfane, NY


  5. Claire Tanguy says:

    Hi, I’m french and I live near Paris and Disnyland Resort Paris. Thank you so much for this video, I love this fireworks. My favorite disney resort is the All Star Movie and I stayed here last year. Thank you so much again for all videos. See you next week.


  6. Jeni Boyns says:

    Hi Rick,
    Thanks for the video of Wishes. I first saw it in 2006 with my fiance – in August we are getting married at Sea Breeze Point and I can’t wait to watch it again as husband and wife. I get emotional watching it anyway, so I’ll probably look a mess by the end of it!
    Our favourite resort is Port Orleans French Quarter – I love the intimacy and tranquility, as well as the fact that you are never far away from anything. The boat ride to DTD is also a great positive. Although we’ve never stayed there, we also love the theming of the Wilderness Lodge, and AKL.
    Keep up the good work.
    Jen from England


  7. Beka says:

    I think the new rooms at the Contemporary look so sleek, and the beds cry for you to crawl up and take a nap. I also like the idea of being able to see the MK right outside of your window!

    I’ve always been intrigued by the AK, and after seeing your pics on Facebook, I definitely want to stay there!

    I think when my husband & I go next year (as my nursing school graduation celebration), we’ll stay at the Swan or Dolphin, due to its proximity to EPCOT & the Heavenly beds!

    Thanks for the great videos!
    -Beka from SC


  8. Annette says:

    Hi Rick,
    Last year I got to stay at the Contemporary and I fell in love with it. The best was laying in bed and watching the fireworks out the window!!! I also liked the short stroll that it takes to walk to the Magic Kingdom. Next best resort would be the Wilderness Lodge, I loved the theme of the whole resort.
    Keep up the great work on the videos, I really enjoy them.


  9. Linda Martin says:

    Rick, thanks for another great memory video. One of my favorite things is to watch the fireworks to get that “kiss goodnight” from the Magic Kingdom. It is always a special way to end the day.
    On to the question: Hard to say which is my favorite as we have stayed in several of the resorts, but I think to narrow it down I would say the 3 monorail resorts would be at the top. The Contemporaty is the favorite overall and we loved staying there, we will be there for a week in June again. It’s proximity to the Kingdom is its greatest attribute for us, and we love the convenience of the monorail, and Chef Mickey’s. During the holidays I love the Grand Floridian best even though we have not stayed there and would love to try it some time. For ambiance I think the Polynesian looks like a great place to be when you want to feel like you are far away on a deserted island yet be near everything in “the world”.
    Once Bay Lake Towers opens I KNOW this will become my favorite place to stay and will most likely choose to stay there pretty much everytime we go to Disneyworld.


  10. John Berg says:

    Great video of the fireworks. Keep up the good work. I watch your video every week. My favorite hotel is the Wilderness Lodge. We stayed there last August and had a great time!


  11. Teresa says:

    Hi Rick. Love the video of Wishes from Cali Grill.

    We have only stayed at the value resorts so I can’t really comment on a favorite resort to stay but a favorite I would love to stay at some day is the Polynesian and Animal Kindom Lodge. They both look so beautiful.

    Keep up the great work with the videos.


  12. Hi Rick!
    This is the first time I have seen the Wishes Fireworks! We have only been to WDW once and it was in Oct 07. We, of course, saw the Hallowishes version which was also wonderful. I’m thrilled you made such a great video of it. We stayed at the Polynesian in 2007 and it was wonderful. The proximity to MK, the TTC and being on the Monorail is just fantastic. The resort is beautiful with a great pool! We had excellent service and the restaurants are top notch (coffee was awsome). My son and daughter do not like to sleep together so the extra Daybed was a big plus for us. I’m glad to see the Wilderness Lodge is one of the favorites in the other comments because we may go there next time because of the theme and the bunk beds.
    Thanks for a great site!!


  13. David says:

    You’ve got to love Wishes! Would love to see videos of Illuminations and Fantasmic sometime! Animal Kingdom Lodge is our favorite resort, followed closely by Wilderness Lodge and then Port Orlean’s French Quarter! We stayed at AKL during the first year it was open and it was fantastic!


  14. Caroline says:

    I really loved the fireworks! Fabulous!!! I have never seen the Wishes Fireworks. We will be going to Disney World in August. It is our third trip to Disney. Our first trip was in 1997 to watch our son in drum corp. Our second trip was September 2007 for our daughter’s honeymoon.(Yay) We have been blessed with a third bonus baby, a girl who will be 2 1/2 when we go this year. I’m sure she will love it!! This is my first time visiting your site and I can’t wait to see the next video!


  15. kellie says:

    Fireworks were great but i know being there is the only way to truly appreciate its beauty. Hope to see it someday in person. Thanks for the videos.


  16. Lorraine Rossi says:

    I love Wishes!! This is a must every visit. I stayed at the AKL in Dec 2006 and loved it! I thought it was so cool how you wake up and open your curtains to all the animals. Although I’ve stayed at many of the resorts, this one is my favorite.
    Thanks for the videos every week too!


  17. Kelly Pettis says:

    Well we have only been to WDW 2 times. First time we stayed at All Star Movies and the 2nd we stayed at Pop Century. I liked them both for different reasons. But I would pick Pop Century again just because of the busing issues we less at this resort. They are both value resorts so cost is always a thing that I look at or consider.

    Thanks for all your hard work on the videos.



  18. Steve says:

    Hi Rick!

    Great panorama view of the Wishes show. When we went in June of 2008, we watched them in the Magic Kingdom right in front of the plaza restaurant on the corner of Main Street. We sat at their tables outside and it was a spectacular view as well. We watched Tinkerbell come out from the castle and fly over our heads and ever since then my 6 year old daughter (and myself) are crazy about her. My daughter didn’t even know who Tinkerbell was until she saw this show. Guess what she got for Christmas last year? Yeah, Tinkerbell everything.

    Anyways, my favorite resort in Disney World? Hmmm….I have several, but 2 of my favorites are the Grand Floridian because of its gorgeous lobby with the grand piano, elegant ceiling, just the beauty of it all. And the other would be the Polynesian for its lobby with the waterfalls, the outdoor pool, it’s just a relaxing hotel to kick back in. We actually stayed in the Grand Floridian I think back in the summer of 1988 for a couple days and the rooms were very nice.

    We got a decent close up picture of Tinkerbell flying from the castle if you want to check it out. Just go to http://www.mydisneyworldvacation.blogspot.com and under CATEGORIES on the left side click Magic Kingdom Shows. Leave comments if you wish. I welcome them all. Thanks Rick!


  19. Domenica Dahleiden says:

    Great video of the fireworks. Keep up the good work. I watch your video every week. My favorite hotel is the Polynesian.



  20. kim says:

    WOW! That was great Rick! Brings me back to this past December when I watched Wishes from Cal Grille when dining with friends! What a great dining experience and a wonferful way to watch Wishes!!

    I am torn about my favorite resort! That is a tough one! I have had the opportunuty to stay at several resorts in WDW. At this time I think Wilderness Lodge is my favorite!! What a beautiful, tranquil resort. We loved every moment we were there…it is such a relaxing resort before/after a busy day in the parks. That is something that is important to us!

    I also love the Boardwalk Inn (area) and the cabins at Fort Wilderness. Each resort gives a new “experience” in WDW.

    Can’t wait to see the next video!


  21. Tammy Norman says:

    My fave is Wilderness Lodge. My bathroom is themed after it :o)


  22. Chris says:

    Hi Rick – I will be dining at California Grill in March. This will be our first time dining there. We planned it around Wishes. Thank you so much for sharing this video! I can’t wait to go!


  23. Deanna says:

    Love…Love Wishes! My husband and I have had the wonderful opportunity of watching Wishes from the California Grill.

    Our favorite resort is the Tower at the Contemporary! But we have also stayed at Saratoga Springs (as DVC members) and at Port Orleans – French Quarter. We are actually really looking forward to Bay Lake Tower opening up at the Contemporary!!!

    We will be traveling from CA to FL in April for a short stay at WDW and a Disney Cruise – so your videos REALLY help to “ease” the excitement of the trip!

    Thanks again for your dedication!

    Hollister, CA


  24. Lori says:

    Rick –
    I have always wanted to see Wishes from the Cali. Awesome!! You mentioned seeing them from Ohana’s too. That was the very first place I saw Wishes and will be seeing them again from Ohana’s in April. Can’t wait!

    I have only stayed at All Star Sports. But, I love Grand Floridian for High Tea! And, someday, I will do Victoria and Alberts there, too.


  25. Doreen says:

    Hi Rick,

    Great video of the fireworks from the Cali Grill!
    My favorite resort so far is POFQ. It is small & quiet & with the boat to DTD it is great!! We will be staying at Beach Club for the first time next May for my husband & I 25th wedding anniversary. I can’t wait!!


  26. Elizabeth says:

    Our favorite resort is the Polynesian with Port Orleans French Quarter a close second.

    Thanks for the fireworks video from the California Grill. I’ve always wanted to see that!


  27. John Morris says:


    I never miss your show. I live in NY and have been down there every year since 2001, except for 2008. I miss The World, Watching the fireworks makes me want to jump on the next plane to FL.

    My favorite resort, though I have not stayed there, is Beach Club. I always eat at Cape May when I am down there. Keep the shows coming.


  28. Teresa Mays says:

    I really loved this video of the fireworks. The music accompanying the show just makes me long to go back and i was just there in December.

    My favorite resort is the Contemporary. I have a large family so the rooms are perfect. Since they updated, them it is even better. We always get a room with a view of the castle. It is wonderful. Nothing beats the access to the monorail.

    I can’t wait til our next trip.


  29. Lori says:

    Another great video. Keep ’em coming!! The members of our Grand Gathering are enjoying these!!! Helps build the excitement! Thanks!


  30. Lori says:

    I think my favorte resort is Port Orleans Riverside! We have stayed there many times, starting back when it was Dixie Landings and shared many trips with newbies there! Many great memories!


  31. Scott Schultz says:

    Loved the wishes video. My wife and I have watched it many times from high atop Disney’s Contemporary Resort. It’s also great to watch from one of the the 12th Floor Concierge Balconys.
    As far as which is our favorite resort, ours used to be The Contemporary Resort. We almost always requested a North Garden Wing room because of the short walk to The Magic Kingdom Park, but since they tore it down to build the new DVC tower, our new favorite Resort is Disney’s Polynesian Resort. We like the theming there and we like the convenience of the short walk to the Ticket and Transportation Center where we can just hop on the monorail to Epcot. We also like the fact that we can walk to the TTA and hop on the big boat to get to The Magic Kingdom. Watching wishes by the lake and listening to the piped in music is fun too. Oh and lets not forget one of my personal favorites, The Electrical Water Pageant each night! Can’t wait to go again in May!! Yippeeeeeeee!!!


  32. Caroline says:

    I loved the video of the fireworks!! Can’t wait until our next trip in August/September! I don’t really have a favorite resort yet. We haven’t been there enough to decide that. We stayed at Coronado Springs the last time we were there and it was very nice! We will be staying at Pop Century for our next trip.


  33. Daryl says:

    Loved your video from the top of the contemporary hotel.
    Favorite Disneyworld hotel is Port Orleans French Quarter.


  34. john broadwater says:

    Thank you once again for a wonderful show. the resort at disney that I really enjoyed was the wildreness lodge. It was the one place thatmy family will never forget because it was thier first trip to Disney World My second in 2002. We stay there and it was wonderful espically at night after a long day in the park then returning to the lodge and having the water show come by before we would turn in.Keep up to good work and thaks once again. john


  35. Bruce Johnson says:

    The fireworks shows, for an every night occurence, are awesome throughout WDW. Unfortunately the two dimensional video on the web doesn’t do them justice, but thanks for sharing. It’s a great tease if nothing else! I’ve stayed in several resorts from the Swan & Dolphin to the All Star Resorts, but really love the All Stars. Even though the bus transportation is crowded at times, and you can’t walk or take a water taxi to a park from there, it’s great for families. There are five of us, and two connected rooms works well and is much less expensive than single rooms sleeping five comfortably at other resorts. Things aren’t quite as elaborate there as at other resorts, but when we’re at Disney we’re mostly there for the parks, so other than the pool some nights, we’re rarely in the rooms! So we stay at the inexpensive resort, do the dining package to maximize how far our food dollars go, and stay another day or spend $ on the pictures!


  36. Denise Ingold says:

    The video of Wishes was great!! Makes me want to go again soon and we just got back on Jan 5 from 12 days there. Our favorite resort is the Floridian. We have never stayed there but our daughter is dreaming of it being our next hotel we stay in there.


  37. Kit Adams says:

    Love the video. My husband, daughter and I will head to WDW in March and have a dinner reservation at Cal. Grill, so can’t wait to see this in person. This will be our second trip to WDW and the first time staying on property -at the POP Century. I have a couple of suggestions for future videos. I would love to see the trip into Epcot riding in the front of the monorail. Also, everyone raves about the boat ride from the Port Orleans resorts to DTD. How about a highlights video? Thanks for sharing your passion!


  38. Robert Nordmark says:

    Great fireworks show!! I especially love it during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. My favorite Disney Resort–Ever since I saw a travel channel show about the Animal Kingdom Lodge I have wanted to stay there. I haven’t done it yet but I want to. I have stayed the Port Orleans Riverside. I loved it. It is the nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. If money weren’t an issue I would come to Disney World three or four times a year and stay at a different resort each time. Each resort seems so unique and takes you into a world all of its own.


  39. Debbie says:

    Absolutely oved the video – I can’t wait to see Wishes. Seems like I always miss the fireworks in MK, but NOT NEXT TIME!

    My favorite hotel that I have stayed at is French Quarter (formally Port Orleans. I love the atmosphere, the imtimacy and the food….And of course the secluded hot tub.
    My favorite hotel that I hope to stay at next trip is Polynesian. I am in love with the island feel. I did get over there on the last trip and my hubby & I shared a refreshing drink @ the tiki bar out by the pool.

    Keep up the good work on the videos – I love seeing them each week.


  40. Amanda says:

    Rick, thanks for another great video, we loved wishes and i really like your video of the display. My husband and I saw the show about 3 years ago now and it is great, I can’t wait to see it again this September!


  41. thelma huss says:

    The fireworks is a great ending to perfect days at Disney World. The combo of parade and fireworks can’t be beaten.


  42. Sarah says:

    I absolutely love Wishes! It’s contains some of my favorite music. I wish you could still buy the soundtrack of it, but I’m pretty sure Disney discontinued it.

    Anyway, keep the videos coming! I’d love to see some videos from Animal Kingdom, maybe Kali River Rapids or Expedition Everest!



  43. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for posting this video! I recently discovered this site through some discussion on the Passporter boards, and I am enjoying watching all of your clips. I have been seriously considering dining at the California Grille specifically so my daughter and I could take advantage of the amazing view and watch Wishes. This makes planning soooooo much easier! Keep the videos coming; I am now hooked! =D


  44. LINDA/TINK says:

    Thanks again Rick—always a WONDERFUL SHOW—it is so much fun to hear the comments from people watching it for the first time!!! A REAL MAGIC MOMENT!!

    Love a lot of the resorts–but I have to say that the MAGIC KINGDOM VIEW TOWER ROOM is the BEST!!!!!! We leave our curtains open at night (WHOS UP THAT HIGH LOL) and I fall asleep looking at the CASTLE and wake up looking at it—NOTHING beats THAT first thing in the morning!!!!

    Love your pics on face book!!!



  45. Terri G says:

    Love the video. Wishes is my favorite part of our Disney vacation. We love to stay at Polynesian. The ambiance, convenience. It is all around our favorite 🙂


  46. James Bond says:

    Hey, Rick…Jimmy Rhythm from Twitter. I think I might have mentioned that I’m working my way through your wonderful videos as I have a chance, and wanted to comment on your QOTW.

    My fave resort is the Wilderness Lodge. I’ve stayed there my last two trips in ’04 and ’06, and can’t imagine staying anyplace else on property. I love the theme and the background music, Artist Point may just be my favorite restaurant in the world, and it’s a 10-minute boat ride from the MK. What more could you ask for?

    Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the World.


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