Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort – Episode 31

This week we visit Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida on Travel with Rick with Rick Howard

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Rick Howard

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24 comments on “Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort – Episode 31”

  1. John B. says:

    Great video this week. I was worried I was not going to get my weekly fix. I can not wait until you stay in the Grand Villa so I can see the video you make. Keep up the good work.


  2. James Bond says:

    I’m a little partial to the Contemporary, since that was the first on-site resort I stayed at ‘way back in ’92, so I loved the tour of Bay Lake Tower.

    As for the QofW, as I’ve mentioned to Rick several times, I love Wilderness Lodge, so my favorite resort shop is without question The Wilderness Lodge Mercantile.


  3. Eric Berger says:

    Great show Rick. The shop at Wilderness Lodge is a favorite of mine.


  4. Linda Miller says:

    Thanks for the tour of Bay Lake Tower. Can’t wait to see the Grand Villa after your January visit.

    My favorite resort shop is Everything Pop at Pop Century. It is just a fun place to go and they have a great selection of merchandise.

    Linda Miller


  5. Laura says:

    Hi Rick!

    Can’t wait to stay at the Grand Villa!

    One of my favorite things to do is walk through the shops in Epcot –seeing the different flare of every country. Stopping to look at the Hummels in Germany is one of my favorites. However, when picking up something for the kids – MouseGear fits the bill. My favorite resort shop is the Wilderness Lodge Mercantile.

    Thanks for the great tour of Bay Lake towers!


  6. John Broadwater says:

    We like Everything pop at the Pop Century it just a fun place to shop.


  7. Bob Nordmark says:

    Thanks for another great video Rick! My favorite resort shop: Zawadi Marketplace at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort. On my first trip to WDW (2004) I walked into the store. I looked at all the nice things to buy and saw a cotton throw with a “Animal Kindgom Lodge” theme. I wanted to buy it but thought it was too expensive. As I walked out of the store I remembered the advice my counselor gave me when I took this trip–to do special things for myself. I went back into the store and bought the cotton throw. I am so glad I did. I have it sitting by my recliner chair. Every time I use it I am reminded of a wonderful trip to Disney World.


  8. Penny Serrato says:

    I enjoyed the video, it is a very nice resort. Wish I could afford a DVC membership but it is not in the budget right now maybe in the future. I can’t really answer the question for this week since I have only been to Disney 1 time and we stayed at Port Orleans Riverside, the shop there was our first experience at the shops and it was really neat. We did go to Downtown Disney and OOOHHH and AHHHHed at all there. Maybe when we go in December we will resort hop and visit a bunch of the resort shops just for fun. Look forward to next week.

    P.S. I also was going through Travel With Rick withdrawals waiting for this weeks video. I thought I missed it or maybe something was wrong with my computer…


  9. Thelma Huss says:

    Thanks for the tour.
    My favorite store the Emporium on Main Street. A little bit of everything.


  10. Kevin Nelson says:

    Thanks Rick for bringing us Bay Lake Tower, I hope to stay there real soon! I didn’t think it could get any better than watching Wishes from The California Grill but Top of the World looks like an awesome place with the big observation deck! Can’t wait for next week! My favorite resort shop is the Wilderness Lodge Mercantile as well. Keep smiling my friend!


  11. Scott Schultz says:

    Great video Rick. Thanks
    My favorite resort is Disney’s Contemporary Resort. We have stayed at other resorts but we always come back to the Contemporary. Why? Because of the shops. We Love Bay View Gifts. It seems to have all those little last minute gifts you want to take home with you when your Disney vacation is over. We also like the sundries shop there as well. There’s something really neat about shopping while a Monorail is going right by you.


  12. Pati McElroy says:

    I guess my favorite resort shop would be the Wilderness Lodge Mercantile Shop. I just really like the quaintness of it! My favorite shops in WDW are the World Showcase Shops because of their uniqueness. Thanks, Rick.


  13. Debbie Bolen says:

    Thanks John for the wonderful tour! DVC isn’t in my budget at the moment, but hopefully soon. I’d love to actually see it in person some day.

    My favorite shop is in Downtown Disney and is the World of Disney. You can find everything there! This shop is usually my last stop before leaving WDW so I save all my shopping and do it in one stop.

    Keep up the great work on the videos!


  14. Kris Koelzer says:

    Great video. I hope you do a video of inside the rooms soon.
    Animal Kingdom Lodge has a great shop as does the Polynesian.


  15. Stacey says:

    Great video, Rick! That is the dream to someday have a DVC membership. Sigh.

    I think it’s hard to say I have ONE favorite shop, so I’ll give you my top three: the first is Yankee Trader in Magic Kingdom by the Haunted Mansion – very quaint. Second would have to be MouseGear in Epcot and third…hmm…
    and actually all of the shops at the Grand Floridian. They were all great!

    Thanks, Rick!


  16. Rob Sylvania says:

    I love to shop at th World of Disney


  17. Linda Martin says:

    Thanks for the video today, I will be at BAy Lake the first week in Oct. so this was nice to get me ready, one disappointment though…I am looking forward to seeing the grand villa, but why did you not get a bit of your studio in today’s video, many will be staying in a studio there (me included( and it would have been nice to see it again for real as the only time I saw it was a mock up at SSR last fall when we added BLT on.
    If I understood the question right it was which shop I like best at the resorts which I take to mean the lodging rather than parks which does make a difference, that being said, my fave at a resort would have to be FAntasia in the Contemporary as that is my fave resort, with White Basin at the Grand Floridian a very close second and the shop at Poly on second floor a nearby third.


  18. John Mayzum says:

    Favorite shop would have to be AKL. They had things in there that I could not find anywhere else. Which reminds me I have to get back and get me a DVC window sticker cause I lost the one I bought in June.


  19. Peggy Hickey says:

    You know you’re in DsneyWorld when there’s “magical” music on connecting bridges! Such a nice touch.
    I did not know about this new resort, and I thought I kept good tabs on WDW.
    I’ve only stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort and do a lot of my shopping in their Pirate themed shop. I adore the steely drum music piped in all through that resort. Looks like I really notice the music. 🙂


  20. Carrie Nelson says:

    Another great video Rick. When I was last there at WDW Bay Lake Tower was under construction. Great to see the finished prodct. I haven’t stay at alot of the resorts, so not really sure which shop I like. Probably all of them as long as they sell my favorite stuff, anything disney. Thanks again for the video.


  21. I have 2 favorite shops. 1 is the animal kingdom shop, there are very unique gifts that you can not get anywhere else. the other is the wilderness lodge because I love the 2 giant totem poles out front.


  22. Brad S says:

    Another great video, we were there in March and they were still working on it but looked great and would love to see what the rooms look like on the inside, but really can’t wait to see the Grand Villa.
    Wish I had the budget for a DVC membership but can’t do it right now, maybe next time we are at Disneyworld we will inquire.
    As for shopping, I enjoy going Mousegears at Epcot, great big store with everything you can imagine.


  23. Joanne Smagalski says:

    The video was great! We are on the waiting list to stay there in September (hope springs eternal). Either way, I can’t wait to tour it myself.

    I have several shops that are favorites: in the Contemporary, AKL, MouseGears and the Emporium in MK.


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